Reagents for research

NIPPON GENE provides enzymes, DNAs, agarose, buffers, reagents for LAMP and PCR and kits to researchers.


Reagents for diagnosis/detection

NIPPON GENE provides plant disease diagnostic kits, allergen detection kits, agrichemical detection kit, antibiotics detection kits and GMO detection reagents, which are based on LAMP, PCR and immuno-chromatography.


human IVD

NIPPON GENE manufactures pregnancy tests and ovulation tests as human diagnostics using monoclonal antibodies with flow through/lateral flow device.

About Nippon Gene

NIPPON GENE was established in 1982 as the first biotechnology venture in Japan.

Contact us

Head office (Tokyo, Japan)
Office (Toyama, Japan)
2-7-18, Toiya-machi, Toyama 930-0834 Japan
Tel +81-76-451-6548
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